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Basement Renovation

Basement Renovation Experts in Marietta GA

Unlock the potential beneath your feet with our basement renovation experts in Marietta GA. Our team has been converting dark, unused basements into lively, multipurpose spaces for over 26 years. Whether you want a cozy home theater, a playful game room, or a private home office, our family-owned and operated company is committed to bringing your vision to life. Our free estimates and consultations ensure a unified, modified experience from start to finish. Plus, our Spanish-speaking staff makes communication a breeze, ensuring your ideas are perfectly understood and executed. Come explore the boundless potential with us as we reimagine your home and entertainment options.

Transformative Basement Revamps

Imagine a basement that’s more than just storage. With Eagle General Services’ basement renovation services in Marietta, GA, we turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. Our years of experience mean we’re not just contractors but creators of dream spaces. Our dedication to quality and a keen eye for detail ensures your basement renovation will enhance your home’s value and functionality. The potential of your basement should not be wasted. Take advantage of the opportunity for additional living space with the help of our knowledgeable staff. Call and book now for a transformation that exceeds every expectation.


Frequently Asked Questions

It really depends on your needs. Home theaters, gyms, and extra bedrooms are popular. Think about what would most improve your lifestyle or home value.

Yes, for most significant work, especially if you're altering the structure, electrical, or plumbing. Always check with your local authorities to stay compliant.

Good lighting, moisture control, and warm flooring can transform a basement. Consider adding windows or a walkout, if possible, for natural light.

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